About E-Campus

LCBS Dhaka presents the most advanced e-learning platform which has Live streaming, Class recordings & Digital contents availability in e-Library, Interactive e-classroom,e-GroupStudy and the most recommended e-practice portal for any exams preparation. You will be able to take classes live from anywhere, access videos later on anytime, Interact with classmates and teachers as you go. Beside this you will get real life exam experience through our e-practice portal for mocks and other exam preparations. All you need to have registered id / password and you will get it once you register / enroll any course with us. We are committed to ensure beyond e-learning through this platform for your investment with us.

LCBS Professional Tuition Ltd traded as Limerick College of Business Studies, Ireland established itself as a leading institute in Ireland, in 2007 and in 2010 established an identical but separate entity called LCBS Dhaka Ltd in Bangladesh, catering for all levels of professional and applicable skills training & exam both in practices and in industry. Thank you for choosing LCBS E-CAMPUS.

Live Class

Use registered ID and Password to conduct live Sessions.

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Join personalized groups to meet & interact with tutors & classmates for further support through e-GroupStudy.

Use registered ID & Password to get access to live recordings, video contents & others e-notes through e-library.

Use registered ID & Password to take any mocks or class tests to see your exam preparation with real online exam environment.

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